Being a stylist, a minimalist, and a child at heart can be a lethal combination; an identity crisis.

To be or not to be?!

Be an impulsive consumer?

Follow the next trend?

Go for a bright color?

OR not to compete?

In this chaos, having joy in looking inward, exploring my soul and to be aware of my self-values is a necessity.

If you are inclined towards creativity instead of achieving relevance, creating than consuming, and are not afraid of a splash of color on neutral ground, I am ecstatic to let you know that you are home.

the minimal stylist

1.  a belief in old school love
2.  a love for the rain(bows)
3.  a weakness for the retro styles
4.  a hope to inspire
5.  a non-conforming state of mind
6.  a note-to-self corner
7.  a treasure hunt life/style series

other passions

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